12-Month Year vs. 12-Week Year

Most asked question I get when people flip through my Goal Planner? It’s - why it’s not for the whole year.
As I already covered in previous posts - by now you can see the pitfalls associated with annualized thinking. Forget about a year. Let’s redefine a year: A year is no longer 12 months, it is now only 12 weeks.
That’s right, a year is now a 12 week period. There are no longer four periods in a year; that’s old thinking. Now, there is just a 12 Week Year, followed by the next 12 Week Year, ad infinitum. Each 12 week period stands on its own — it is your year.
Think about it. The excitement, energy, and focus that happen every December now happen continuously. The year-end push to hit your goals now happens not once every 12 months, but all the time.
The 12 Week Year creates a new endgame date for you to assess your success (or lack thereof). The great thing about having a 12 Week Year is that the deadline is always near enough that you never lose sight of it.
It’s human nature that we behave differently when a deadline approaches. We procrastinate less, we reduce or eliminate avoidance activity, and we focus more on the things that matter.
It also forces you to confront your lack of execution. After all, how many bad weeks can you have in a 12 Week Year and still have a great year? Since you can’t afford to have more than one or two bad weeks, every day of the week automatically becomes more important.
You no longer have the luxury of putting off the critical activities, imagining that there is plenty of time left in the year. Effective execution does not happen monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually; it happens daily, ultimately moment by moment.
Every 12 weeks you get a fresh start — a new year! So if you’ve had a tough 12 Week Year you can just shake it off, regroup, and start again. If you’ve had a strong 12 Week Year you can build on that momentum. Either way, every 12 weeks is a new start.
Focusing on a 12 Week Year keeps you from getting ahead of yourself and ensures that each week counts.
In my planner there is 12 weeks + additional one , just to conclude and close your new 12 Week Year successfully, you have time to reflect, check-up and yes, get a new planner.